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my research mission is to use interdisciplinary, data-driven approaches to study groundwater as a social-ecological system with the goal of generating process-based insights to support physical groundwater sustainability, ecological integrity, social well-being and justice, and Earth system resilience through improved groundwater management, advocacy, and education.

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reflexive and good research practices are at the core of my research process, which include a committment to open-science (i.e., preprint, code, and data sharing), and attending workshops and seminars to gain tools and approaches to reduce bias and promote equity in higher education (with action outcomes such as the inclusion of positionality statements in resource sharing initiatives).

As a core member of the groundwater science and sustainability research group, I actively contributed to creating the research group’s mission statement, DEI committments, and open-science approach.

my current research interests can be organised by four core themes:

Theory development on groundwater as a social-ecological system. [ex1]

Data-driven characterisation of groundwater as a social-ecological system. [ex1/ex2]

Process-based insights on groundwater interactions within social-ecological systems. [ex1]

Connecting middle-range theories of change between social-ecological systems.

Image sources: thenounproject’s: theory, grouping, line chart, and connect icons.