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  1. Rohde, M.M., Albano, C.M., Huggins, X., et al. Mapping groundwater dependent ecosystems globally exposes the fragility of vulnerable ecosystems and communities. In revision at Nature. [about] | [interactive map]

  2. Huggins, X., Gleeson, T., Villholth, K.G., Rocha, J.C. & J.S. Famiglietti. Global groundwater system archetypes identify predominant patterns in socioeconomic, ecological, and Earth system functions of groundwater. Submitted to Water Resources Research. [preprint]

  3. Huggins, X., Gleeson, T., & J.S. Famiglietti. DIGITS: A curated, interdisciplinary database for global analysis of groundwater as a social-ecological system.

peer-reviewed papers

  1. Huggins, X. Gleeson, T., Eckstrand, H. & B. Kerr. (2018). Streamflow Depletion Modeling: Methods for an Adaptable and Conjunctive Water Management Decision Support Tool. Journal of the American Water Resources Association 54, 1-15. [paper] | [pdf]

  2. Diggle, R., Tait, D., Maher, D., Huggins, X. & I. Santos. (2019). The role of porewater exchange as a driver of CO2 flux to the atmosphere in a temperate estuary (Squamish, Canada). Environmental Earth Sciences 78, 1-13. [paper] | [pdf]

  3. Huggins, X., Gleeson, T., Kummu, M., Zipper, S.C., Troy, T.J., Wada, Y. & J.S. Famiglietti. (2022). Hotspots for social and ecological impacts from freshwater stress and storage loss. Nature Communications 13, 439. [paper] | [pdf] | [preprint]. See also: associated [code] and [data].

  4. Mohan, C., et al. [including Huggins, X.]. (2022) Poor correlation between large-scale environmental flow violations and freshwater biodiversity: implications for water resource management and the water planetary boundary. Hydrology and Earth Systems Sciences 26, 6247–6262. [paper] | [pdf]

  5. Huggins, X., Gleeson, T., Serrano, D., Zipper, S., Jehn, F., Rohde, M.M., Abell, R., Vigerstol, R. & A. Hartmann. (2023). Overlooked risks and opportunities in groundwatersheds of the world’s protected areas. Nature Sustainability. [paper] | [pdf] | [preprint]. See also: associated [code] and [data].

  6. Huggins, X. Gleeson, T., Castilla-Rho, J.C., Holley, C., Re, V. & J.S. Famiglietti. (2023). Groundwater connections and sustainability in social-ecological systems. Groundwater. [paper] | [pdf] | [preprint]. Featured as the cover image of the July/August 2023 issue of Groundwater.

  7. Curran, D., Gleeson, T., Huggins, X. (2023). Applying a science-forward approach to groundwater regulatory design. Hydrogeology Journal. [paper] | [pdf] | [preprint]

  8. Xu, L., Ferris, D., Huggins, X., …, Famiglietti, J.S. (2023) From coarse resolution to practical solution: GRACE as a science communication and policymaking tool for sustainable groundwater management. Journal of Hydrology 623, 129845. [paper]

report chapters

  1. Gleeson, T., Huggins, X., Connor, R., Arrojo-Agudo, P., Vázquez Suñé, E. (2022). Groundwater and Ecosystems, Chapter 6 of UNESCO Water Development Report 2022: “Groundwater: Making the invisible visible”. [chapter][report]

as a reviewer…

I uphold a personal committment to peer-review 2 manuscripts for every first-author publication I submit. I have performed peer review for the journals listed below:

Water Resources Research (n = 3)
Groundwater (n = 3)
Ecology and Society (n = 1)
Journal of Hydrology (n = 1)
Geophysical Research Letters (n = 1)